Paul Olmsted of New Tribes Mission on The Unreached


Pop quiz – there are thousands of groups that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, true or false? You’ll have to listen to learn the answer.

Paul Olmsted talks about New Tribes Mission, reaching those that have never heard a gospel message, and his circuitous path to mission work.

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15 Years in Peru with Jonathon Edwards


Listen to Jonathon Edwards as he explains how South American countries like Peru are evolving as globalization takes them to new heights in their sophistication, but still longing for God in a major way.

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John Henry on Youth With A Mission


John Henry has spent over twenty years doing God’s work through Youth With A Mission. Learn how he came upon joining, how the organization is evolving, and how young people are using the internet to learn and show God’s true love.

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Scott Newton on The Massive Job of Winning Spain to Christ


Scott Newton and family are in Northern Spain trying to win souls to Christ in a place where rigid Catholicism and dictatorship have ruled for centuries. In a country of over 47 million less than 1 percent identify as born again. Scott Newton talks about this challenge, and how he’s had to rethink outreach for a highly connected urban community that shuns fliers and pamphlets.

Listen as he talks about how his upbringing suited him for this task, where he sees his outreach ministry going, and how he sees a gospel-based church rising in Spain one day soon.

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Mark Guinn Talks Mission Work in Northern Ireland


Since 2008 Mark Guinn has been in Northern Ireland working to win the lost to Christ. Listen as he talks about finding his calling, and how his aim for self-sufficiency is working out.

Understanding Ireland, and Europe in general in terms of the state of Christianity is not an easy feat. Mark helps us to follow the climate of the youth in the area, and how their disassociation with their parent’s religion is taking his work to interesting new places.

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From NJ to Missouri a Young Missionary Finds Purpose with Kharissa Allman

Kharissa AllmanKharissa Allman, a UMC US-2 Mission, felt God’s calling at a young age and hasn’t looked back since. Originally from New Jersey, Kharissa talks about venturing out to the great Midwest to work with students in our interview. Listen in for her boots on the ground perspectives dealing with ministering to youth at a Christian college, and how she thought she was too young to become a missionary straight out of school.

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Coffee, English, and Jesus in Taiwan – An Interview with Chris O’Dell


Chris O’Dell’s parents knew what he would become before he’d even been born. With a solid foundation of a Christian upbringing and the attending of a Christian college, Chris O’Dell set his sights on mission work early on, and seemingly hasn’t looked back since. O’dell, with the support of Christian and Missionary Alliance, has been spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through Taiwan for the past several years in compelling and unconventional ways.

Listen as Chris talks about getting people to know Jesus as their savior through coffee, language, and comfort:

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Where is Mindanao – John Heim Discusses Mission Work in Rural Philippines

John Heim dared to go spread the message of Jesus Christ in a place where there are few Westerners, and no shortage of challenges. Working with a church planter in the rural Filipino provence of Misamis Oriental on the island of Mindanao Heim has been on a mission to spread the gospel to the poor and malnourished.

Heim discusses his long call to mission work, his struggles with outreach to a predominately Catholic society, and the power of the dollar in this poor nation. God’s put a commendable fearlessness in John Heim. Listen now to find out more:

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Check out a slideshow Heim provided us with below:

$1 Pays for That Smile - Priceless

$1 Pays for That Smile - Priceless

$20 Worth of Feeding

$20 Worth of Feeding

Children Receiving the Message

Children Receiving the Message

Children Watching a Video

Children Watching a Video

Ian's Salary

Ian's Salary

Indigeneous Village

Indigeneous Village

Landfill Church

Landfill Church

Preaching in Mindanao

Preaching in Mindanao

The Team

The Team

$1 Pays for That Smile - Priceless$20 Worth of FeedingChildren Receiving the MessageChildren Watching a VideoIan's SalaryIndigeneous VillageLandfill ChurchPreaching in MindanaoThe Team


What Gives? A Primer on Relational Giving with’s Adam Riley


When a young man felt compelled to follow God’s calling to help buy cups of coffee for those in far-off lands seeking to know Christ, he prayed long and hard. The result of those prayers is While that young man, Travis Graves is off teaching overseas, we’ve spent a little time with day-to-day operator of the site Adam Riley. is a unique website that helps directly connect supporters with mission workers worldwide. It’s intuitively coded to showcase recent donations, and even help secure donations for missionaries that are in places where Christians are not welcome.

We speak with Adam about how the website works, what it’s doing to connect mission workers across the globe, and how relational giving can open doors to future goodwill.

Listen to the full interview here:

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